How to Give Garage Doors a Black Paint Finish: a complete Guide


You could indeed decorate having  good flush panel garage doors black with two thin coats of paint, with said second coat going in the opposite direction of the first. Painting your garage door might take some time, just like painting anything else outside, because each coat needs time to dry. But painting the garage door isn’t hard if you’re willing to give yourself two or three days. Here is the following guide on how to black paint a garage door.

A complete Guide for Garage Doors a Black Paint

● It’s Nothing To Worry About

Changing the color of  good garage doors from white to black might seem like a big step, but you shouldn’t worry about it. In the end, if you’re careful & follow our tips, it will be a job you can be proud of.

● Putting Black Paint on Your Garage Door

Planning is key to getting a good finish when you change the color of your garage door to black. The paint must be good quality exterior, but it shouldn’t be “paint and primer in one.” To paint a garage door black, it needs to be fully prepared with a primer made for the outside.

● Clean Your Garage Door

The first step is to make confidence the garage door is indeed clean. Use a sponge and an everyday cleaner to clean the whole surface. If your door is dirty, you might need to switch the water & rinse the sponge to be able to move on. Once the dirt is gone, use a hose to rinse the door, then let it dry.

● Look At The Weather Report.

Plan to get started when the temperature won’t be too high. Look at your weekly local weather report and pick three days when the temperature is likely below 75 degrees and the humidity will be low. A day with some clouds will also help things go smoothly.

● Don’t Paint The Parts You Don’t Want To.

If you do not intend to paint everything within sight, use heavy-duty painter’s tape to cover up the parts you don’t want to paint. Help hide whatever handles, hinges, glass windows, locks, perhaps even the garage door trim. Cover the garage edges with masking tape if you are painting the trim.

● Use a Primer

Pick a good primer that is right for the door you are painting. If somehow the door does seem to have panels, they should be primed first with a paintbrush with nylon bristles two inches long. Then prime the rest of something like the door and the returns between panels that may be seen when the door is raised. Give the primer for approximately 12 hours to dry.

● Paint Any Panels That Are Set in

Once the primer has dried completely, you can start to paint the recessed panels the same way you did with the primer. If any paint gets on the edges (the stiles), it should be wiped away using a damp cloth to ensure the finish is smooth.


In a short amount of time and with minimal effort, you can simply paint your home’s exterior a brand new look by painting your garage door. Also, if chipped or oxidized doors have diminished their home’s curb appeal, a new coat of paint is the ideal solution. There are a few essential measures to consider while priming as well as repainting a garage door to ensure a high-quality, long-lasting appearance.


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