Beginner’s Guide to Vape Pod Devices


Switching to vaping is the first step in moving towards a quality life. Giving up your tobacco is a huge win. However, the next step is choosing a suitable vape device. Nowadays, the market floods with countless vaping pods. But first, it is necessary to understand what a vape pod is.

A conventional vape contains a vaping tank that the coil heats. However, a vape pod includes the coil and the liquid in the same unit. Some vape pods have replaceable coils, and others don’t. Pods are preferred for their compactness. However, their flavor is not much different from a conventional vape.

Since vape pods are more in trend, we have compiled an exciting buying guide. You can also use these tips for purchasing different e cigarette wholesale as well.

Type Of Vapes: MTL and DTL

Vapes come in two types MTL and DTL. These are the acronyms for mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung. As the name specifies, mouth-to-lung vapes are inhaled directly into your mouth before transferring to your lung. Most vape pods come in mouth-to-lung versions, and they are more suitable for users switching from cigarettes to vapes.

In comparison, the direct-to-lung pods transfer the vapor directly to your lung. These devices are more potent than mouth-to-lung pods and are naturally more expensive. Moreover, they produce more clouds.

When purchasing a vape pod, it is essential to pick a vape pod with a suitable vaping method. If you are a beginner, you should go with mouth-to-lung because it is easier to use.

Battery Life Of A Vape Device

Another vital feature to account for in your purchase is the battery life. Although, the overall battery time depends upon the device’s use. But it is best to opt for higher battery capacities. The convention is to pick a device with a battery capacity of more than 400mAh.

Usually, pods with 400 to 600mAh batteries work well for half a day. However, if you want a system that lasts the whole day, buying a 1000 plus mAh battery is best.

Nicotine Level: Number Of Puffs

Checking the nicotine levels is also essential if you are switching from smoking. Smokers have more nicotine needs compared to a non-smoker. Therefore, buying a pod system that delivers the desired nicotine is essential.

You should look for the maximum number of puffs a pod can provide. Additionally, choosing stronger flavors is also a good option.


The next thing is the price. Expensive pods are only sometimes the best. Hence, it is best to conduct intense research before finalizing a product. Also, you need to consider the replaceable parts like coils and cartridges and their prices.

You need to pick a pod that has affordable refills. Because if the overall costs amount to higher figures, you’ll likely switch back to a cigarette pack.

Refillability of a Vape pod

Vape pods come in two variations. Refillable and non-refillable. As the name explains, a refillable or open pod system allows you to refill the e-juice in your pod when it empties. In comparison, non-refillable or closed pods have pre-filled pods you throw away after use.

Open pod systems are more versatile as you can try different juices quickly. Some pre-filled ones also provide this luxury. But their costs are higher than refillable ones in the long run.


Vape pods are the most demanded vaping devices because they are more stylish and compact. However, the countless market options make deciding on a single product challenging. Hence, it is best to know the necessary factors which guarantee a practical vaping experience.

First, you must decide which type you want, MTL or DTL. Next, you need to look for nicotine levels and battery capacity. Then comes the refill ability. Buying refillable pods is more economical than pre-filled ones. Lastly comes the price. In addition, to the product’s price, you must also consider the refilling price.


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