Distinguish The Pros And Cons Of Liquid Cooling


The time has gone when air cooling was preferred in most of the electronic and industrial appliances. Now, liquid cooling has successfully taken the place of air cooling and comes up with efficient features. The circulating coordinates in liquid cooling process helps in extracting heat from a device and improves its working.

In computers, extra heat is produced due to long time use of the computer or a bad external environment. So, to remove extra heat and save a computer, a cooling system is needed. Some high companies do not value liquid cooling, so companies like HP, Lenovo, etc. provide computers that have an inbuilt cooling system.

There are also some pros and cons of liquid cooling which would help you to understand its importance of it.

Liquid Cooling Working

If you know the working of a radiator then it is easy for you to understand because liquid cooling works very conveniently. It circulates liquid by a path named water blocks which are present on the head of the chip which is being cooled. The liquid cooler which is circulating through the water block pulls away heat from the chip by cooling it.

To improve the transfer of heat thermal and best plates are present between the CPU and the water block. After that, heated fluid is thrown into the radiator in which air is cooled by the fans present in it. The liquid fluid is sent back to the water block to make it heated and the whole process is again repeated.

Pros Of Liquid Cooling

The benefits of water cooling plates are as follows:

Free Of Noise

If the fans are on your computer then you will hear some strange and weird noises when fans are on as it will also disturb you from focusing on anything. Another advantage you will get while using water cooling plates is that it has a silent process in which nothing type of noise is heard.

However, a liquid cooling system uses a motor, and small and low-powered fans but don’t worry all the things do not generate any piercing noise.

More Arranged And No Mess

A traditional air cooling system takes help from fans. In an air-cooled PC, various pens are found in the PC case. It has various fans for various systems which results in a messy and untidy setup inside the PC case.

But if you use a liquid water cooling plate you get the benefit that you set up will be clean, neat, and smooth. Also if you want to make a computer more powerful and fast then you can also add more hardware in the area of fans.

Best heat absorber

Another benefit that you will get by using a liquid cooling process is that it has more currency to remove the extra heat. You know that as compared to air, water and other liquids have higher density, thermal conductivity, etc. It will help the system by which heat can be transferred nonmetal how the distance is.

Cons Of Liquid Cooling

The drawbacks of liquid cooling are as follows:

Out of budget

Besides the advantages of a liquid cooling system, one of the disadvantages is that it is more expensive cost as compared to air cooling. As the part and components used in the liquid cooling system are found rarely, they are highly expensive and can cost you from 200 USD minimum to a maximum of 500 USD.

Difficult installation process

Another disadvantage you may face while using a liquid cooling system is that you may get difficulties when you go through the process of installing it because it needs some skills and deep knowledge of electronics and thermodynamics. So that is why beginners and fresher need help from a skilled person otherwise he or they may not complete the process alone.

Ending Remarks

In the past traditional air cooling systems were used which are not advanced as compared to the present time. In place of air cooling systems, liquid cooling systems are introduced which are more beneficial for the users. With its benefits, there are also some cons but the liquid cooling system has such amazing pros which hide the cons behind it.


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