Types of American Press Brake Tooling Dies


American Press Brakes are a type of metalworking machine that is used to bend and form various types of metal. The press brake works by using a hydraulic system realizing the amada press brake tooling perfomance to create pressure on the upper and lower tools, which in turn forces the workpiece into the desired shape. The tooling die is an essential component of this process, as it controls the shape of the metal being bent.

There are many types of dies available in the market to meet the specific needs and requirements of the customer. These include:

Acute Angle Die:

Acute angle dies are used for the bending of sheet metal or plate. They are designed to bend sheet metal at an acute angle. The most common use of these tools is in the automotive industry, where they are used to make door panels, hoods and other car body parts.

V Die:

A V die is a type of tooling die that is used for making a “V” shaped bend in sheet metal or plate. This type of press brake tooling can be made from either steel or aluminium depending on your needs, but it is typically made from steel because it provides more rigidity than aluminium does when it comes time to perform your bend.

Seaming Die

The seam die is used to join two pieces of sheet metal together without affecting their length or width. This type of die is commonly used on an American press brake when joining multiple pieces of sheet metal together to create one continuous piece of material (such as when creating parts out of 1/4″ thick steel stock). The seam die works by applying pressure between two separate workpieces until they meet at a predetermined point along their edges. This allows you to place both pieces of material under pressure at once, which greatly reduces setup time and overall cost compared with traditional methods like butt welding or butt-welding clamps.

Rocker-Type Die

The rocker-type die is another popular type of american press brake tooling die used by many manufacturers today. Rocker dies are typically used when you need to make multiple bends in a piece of material, but only want one bend angle at each location along the material’s length. Rocker dies can also be called multi-bend dies or multi-angle dies because they allow multiple angles of bending throughout the length of material being bent using just one single die! Rocker dies allow for more flexibility

Multiple Bend Die

A multiple bend die is a type of tooling die that has multiple cuts in it. It is used for bending sheet metal into different shapes, such as curves or angles. The multiple bends allow you to make more complex shapes than other types of dies would allow for.

Gooseneck Die

The gooseneck die is another popular type of tooling die that can be used to bend sheet metal into different shapes. This particular type may require some training before you are able to use it correctly but once you have mastered it, it can be very useful for creating many different kinds of products from sheets of metal or plastic.


The American press brake tooling style is something that can be of great value to business, and in order to get the most out of it, you have to have the right tooling. You need to make sure that you have dies that work well with respect to the shape and quality of your product. The dies will tell you whether or not your product will be up to par in a market where everyone is looking for high standards.


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