Safe Bowls for Candle Making


Making candles using the wrong candle bowls can cause fire or serious injuries. Many people buy good-looking pots and jars, while others recycle things like coffee mugs, tins, and tea cups to use as bowls for candle making.

It might surprise you that there are many bowls out there that are not safe for candle making. So how do you know which bowl is safe for making candles?

Qualities of safe bowls for candle making

Although choosing a bowl might depend on you want to decorate your home or style, it eventually comes down to whether the bowl is safe for candle making.

Regarding candle bowl safety, here is what to look for when getting one.

1. It has to be fireproof

Use a bowl that you are sure can’t catch fire. A bowl that is not fireproof can soak up the wax and start burning, making a substantial enormous flame that could cause damage.

2. Should be leakproof

Your candle-making bowl should not leak when exposed to too much heat, causing a lot of mess and difficulties when cleaning the spillage.

3. The top has to be wide

A narrow candle bowl at the top won’t work well with candle making. When a candle burns, it creates a round pool, which might cause the candle not to burn correctly.

4. It has to be stable

Avoid any bowl with an uneven surface at the bottom when making candles because they can easily tip over.

5. It should not crack

We have seen the safety issues and mess a candle bowl can cause when it leaks. When your bowl cracks, hot wax will leak and cause the container to explode.

Which bowls are safe for candle making

We already know that not all containers used to make candles are safe. So, which are the safest bowls for candle making? Let’s take a look at the best few types of bowls used to make candles.

1 Ceramic candle bowls

Ceramic is heat resistant and also lasts long. It’s an excellent container for making candles and comes in different shapes, meaning you can make many candle designs.

2 Enamel candle bowls

Another reliable, substantial candle-making container is an enamel bowl. It is heat resistant and can never crack or leak. Without a doubt, it’s among the best bowls for making candles.

3 Concrete candle bowls

Out of all the candle-making bowls, concrete containers are the most heat resistant and reliably safe for making candles. They have become popular because of their leakproof and unique industrial vibe.

4 Metal candle bowls

The wax can’t be seen with metal candle containers, making them a good choice for beginner candle makers. They hide imperfections like candle frosting.

Candle tins also come with a lid, making the candle’s scent last longer when covered. Also, they come in beautiful colors and are easy to label.

5 Glass candle bowls

Any glass bowl similar to a mason jar is a good choice for candle making. Mason jars can withstand a temperature of up to 250 degrees. They are thick, nonporous, and smooth.

Take home

Avoid containers like glass vases, drinking glasses, and other glass containers. Always ensure the candle bowls you use are safe and will not cause any fire alarm.


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