Top 3 Lighting Products from Revolve LED


Revolve LED is a light manufacturing company that produces high-quality and technologically advanced light fixtures. They manufacture a wide range of indoor as well as outdoor lighting which comes in various options to accommodate their customers’ needs and wants. All the products from Revolve LED come with at least a five-year warranty.

In this article, we are going to talk about the top 3 products manufactured by Revolve LED, and get into detail about their features and usage. If you’re also looking for a versatile product, visit and give your space a treat. 

LED high bay lights

Revolve LED has an extensive variety of LED high bay lights that are designed for industrial and commercial use. The overhead bay lighting includes various types like Round, Linear, and Low Bay and they are most often seen in gymnasiums, warehouses, event centers, manufacturing facilities, and retail establishments.

If you make the correct decision in buying high bay lighting from Revolve LED, you may improve workplace safety while also improving energy efficiency and increasing output. LED high bays are intended to be able to precisely guide light where it is required to provide the desired level of lighting. Clean and brilliant light is provided by our commercial and industrial LED high bay lights, which also have the additional advantage of requiring less maintenance, which saves money.

LED panel lights

When it comes to lighting for T-bar grid ceilings, Revolve LED recommends going with a flat panel LED light fixture as the best option. They can be easily installed as substitutes for fluorescent lighting that is already in place or in residential development. The backlit technology used in these panels from Revolve LED ensures complete light diffusion, which results in superb color constancy as well as even lighting that is free of glare. The design is slim and lightweight, and it has a low profile.

The integrated LED driver has a dimming range of 10% and can run on voltages ranging from 120-277V. There is a range of sizes available to accommodate various requirements. These light panels enhance workplace efficiency while also contributing to the establishment of a contemporary appearance. These LED flat panel light fixtures made by Revolve LED are perfect for use in several places with T-bar grid ceilings.

LED wall pack lights

Outdoor LED wall light fixtures are often the first new lighting fixtures acquired when beginning a building renovation or new construction project. These light fixtures are also popularly referred to as LED Wall Packs. The addition of outdoor LED Wall Pack lights increases the value of the property it also offers protection from harm all the while boosting the beauty of your facility, which may help you attract renters, customers, shoppers, and workers.

commercial LED wall pack lights from revolve LED are secured and sealed to perfection to prevent water and debris invasion. They also use coatings that prevent rusting and corrosion making these lights tough and durable. these lights manufactured by revolve LED provides up to 65 percent annual power consumption savings and offer a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Final verdict

From such a wide range of variety in LED light fixtures at Revolve LED, you are sure to find something that you are looking for with various options. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that it fulfilling your criteria. Finally, make sure to check the warranty before investing your hard-earned money. Happy shopping!


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